Seeing Red…


I’ve always loved trying different styles and colors with my hair.  Being a stay at home mom I need a little excitement in my life!  Lately, I haven’t been able to stop pinning pictures of gorgeous red hair.  So I decided to live dangerously….

My inspiration was this:


My hair before:


The end result…I love it!


Because we colored it over blonde, it fades fast!  I will be going over it again in the new year.

Today’s recipe was an egg and cottage cheese scramble from  It’s as easy as it sounds to put together.  I used 2 whole eggs, 1 egg white, and 3 tbsp of cottage cheese. Although I’m not a huge egg fan, I could handle this breakfast a few mornings a week.


Fancy Fridge Project


Fridge Magnet Project

One of my first Pinterest projects was this creative fridge idea from  Before this, my fridge-front was a collection of school drawings from my son, thank you cards, and random phone numbers, all held together by mismatched magnets.  This completed project definitely gave my fridge a sense of ‘aah’, know what I mean?  It’s amazing how organizing one little thing can change your outlook on your entire house.

I ended up only using black frames….I tend to keep things simple.  But I love the way her pops of yellow look!  I definitely recommend testing out various ways to glue the magnets on the frames, depending how heavy your frames are.  Overall, this project cost me about $8.  All materials were purchased at the local Dollar Store.

My finished fridge:


An Introduction


Like many others, I am a Pinterest fanatic.  I furiously pin wonderful products, design ideas, kids activities and books to read with the intention to complete them “as soon as I can”.  Which pretty much means never.  My Pinterest boards make me happy….imagining a perfect life, with a perfectly clean house, and perfectly happy kids.  Can these pins truly bring joy to my life when complete?

I am always in pursuit of a little joy.  Who isn’t?  At 29, I feel like now is my time….to be the person I thought I would be.  Don’t get me wrong, my two wonderful kids, shaggy, hard working husband and furry dogs bring me alot of joy.  But my life….well…there is definitely room for improvement. So I decided to live a year pinterestingly (it sounds right to me…..interestingly? pinterestingly? pinterestful? whatever).  Be prepared for delicious recipes, colorful craft projects, intense book reviews, failed new hairstyles, and anything else I may pin along the way.