A Late Christmas Post


Yes, I’ve been a bit of a slacker lately. But here is a round up of a few of the Pinterest projects I tried over Christmas.  The first was a hot chocolate bar with candy cane rimmed cups from dukesandduchesses.com.  It was perfect for our annual Girls Only Christmas Party….sidenote – EVERYONE should plan a GOXP with their girlfriends over Christmas.  For me, it is a great way to get together with all of my friends at once, exchange some gifts (which saves on buying everyone an individual gift), eat way too much food, play some games and drink 🙂  Each attendee brings one wrapped gift for the gift exchange as well as a dessert or appetizer.  Back to the cups, I used frosting to coat the rims and then dipped it in crushed candy canes.  Delicious!


My son and I also put together a Winter Bucket List to complete throughout December.  I used ideas from the list on Loves of Life as well as the Christmas Fun List from Joy of the Journey.  Our list looked a little something like this:

  •  Make paper snowflakes
  •  Drink hot chocolate filled with marshmallows
  •  Take a picture with Santa
  •  Mail letters to Santa
  •  Watch a Christmas movie with popcorn (Elf)
  •  Have a Christmas dance party
  •  Game night
  •  Wrap gifts
  •  Go ice skating
  •  Play in the snow
  •  Bake cookies
  •  Have an inside picnic
  •  Put up decorations
  •  Host a party

Overall, it made for a fun, yet busy, holiday season!!





Pinterest Fail #1



This joke has nothing to do with my embarrassing Pinterest Fail, but it KILLS me…..And I figured I would add it since it is Literacy Week at my son’s school.  He tells me he competed in a joke competition yesterday.  He didn’t win.  His joke….Why did the banana climb up the tree?  To get his peel back!  …………..Followed by “Cuz you know mom, bananas have peels?  And he lost it!  He threw it up in the tree!  So he had to go get it!  HAHAHAHAHAHA”.

Anyways, back to the embarrassment that is my Pinterest project.  Let me first begin by saying that as much as I try to be, I really really suck at art.  Or anything related to art.  But I’m trying!  I decided to do a DIY Quote on canvas project for my daughter’s room.  Turns out I didn’t read the instructions very well.  I also realized I just don’t get modge podge.  To save myself the shame, I won’t even post what this project was supposed to look like.  Only that I ended up with something like this…


Lesson learned….