Pinterest Fail #1



This joke has nothing to do with my embarrassing Pinterest Fail, but it KILLS me…..And I figured I would add it since it is Literacy Week at my son’s school.  He tells me he competed in a joke competition yesterday.  He didn’t win.  His joke….Why did the banana climb up the tree?  To get his peel back!  …………..Followed by “Cuz you know mom, bananas have peels?  And he lost it!  He threw it up in the tree!  So he had to go get it!  HAHAHAHAHAHA”.

Anyways, back to the embarrassment that is my Pinterest project.  Let me first begin by saying that as much as I try to be, I really really suck at art.  Or anything related to art.  But I’m trying!  I decided to do a DIY Quote on canvas project for my daughter’s room.  Turns out I didn’t read the instructions very well.  I also realized I just don’t get modge podge.  To save myself the shame, I won’t even post what this project was supposed to look like.  Only that I ended up with something like this…


Lesson learned….


One thought on “Pinterest Fail #1

  1. Sienna

    We’ll I have seen some hilarious Pinterest fails…. Yours isn’t bad at all!!! And maybe you should be making your mod podge instead of buying the 1 of a zillion different kinds. 😦

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