Long Hair, Don’t Care



In March I worked on showering consistently….and doing my hair (I kid…).  Being a stay at home mom, my go-to hairstyle is a messy bun or the freshly showered, non-blow dried look while rushing out the door.  I used ideas from gal meets glam for simple and quick hairstyles that looked polished but not overdone.  Does it make me want to get rid of my messy bun forever?….no.  But it did impress my husband!

I also tried a green eyeshadow look from a beauty tutorials blog.  This color is great on brown eyes because it will pick up any fleks of green in the eye.  According to allure.com, the other most flattering colors for us brown eyed girls are eggplant, cobalt, greenish gold, copper, navy, and gold.

Beautiful Green Eye Shadow

I leave you with this…..


Have a great weekend!!  🙂